Saturday, November 14, 2009

UNC 33, Miami 24

He’s the example. The mentor. The wise guide. The winner. The guy who tells the team “never say die.” Butch Davis is coach and friend. And today he proved he can win a big game.

These are words I would have written years ago when he coached the University of Miami Hurricanes back when I went to school there.

He still chomps gum like he did then.

He still leads and wins like he did then.

And today that win cost me this post. On MY blog.

And all sorts of other things for the #umiami Hurricanes.

Miami lost today to UNC because they lacked the heart necessary to win. Yes, definitely there was athletic ability. But UNC showed the heart, determination, and never-say-die attitude that my team shows most of the time, but not always.

This post was supposed to be some sappy BS post about why UNC is great. Instead, it’s an honest post about the influence of Butch Davis on UNC. A team that’s had its fits and starts but that has played with so much heart, and that is building with the goal of becoming a powerhouse.

That’s how a team should function.

This team never says “die.”

Butch Davis never says “die.”

He didn’t say “die” when he coached at Miami, either.

And while he instilled that belief in Randy Shannon years ago, Randy needs to repeat over and over…”never say die” if he wants the Miami Hurricanes to dominate in college football again.
Don’t get me wrong. I support – adore – Randy Shannon. He’s a the best thing that’s happened to Miami in years (he’s had good mentors). And I think good things are coming for the ‘Canes if the fans and the school will be patient enough to give him the time to make it happen. But the student must learn from the teacher. Randy must learn from Butch that the heart is as important as the athletic ability. And Butch and the UNC team showed heart tonight. Big-time heart.

And with that, Kevin Vandever wins the bet we made in September At least I’ve always loved Butch – made this much easier to write!


  1. Great post - and it was fun chatting with you guys during the game. Too bad the Canes didn't come up with the win today, but if you have to lose to anyone, Butch Davis is the the guy.

  2. The #swagga come does a notch or two. Lesson learned. Fun to watch this from afar yesterday. Thanks for hanging up on me. Abrazos, Julito

  3. Comes down a notch or two. Man, I CAN'T type!

  4. Good post. You honored your end of the deal. You also scared me, my daughter, Kerri, Kerri's dogs and maybe even the guacamole with angry outbursts in the first half. However, much like Linda Blair in the exorcist or Old Man Winter in Santa Clause is coming to town, you mellowed and even turned into a decent, coherent, and rational human being once the #swagga was extracted from your soul.

    Great game. Great time. Great victory!

    Go Heels!

  5. Haha -- great post. And by a woman of her word. I think Kevin may have met his match with you...and yet. Maybe, my guess is, the competition has only begun :-)

  6. ROFL -- yea yea...I saw this blog last year, cuz not only do I remember reading it...Oh, look at that...I left a comment. It was so kind of you to not call me a complete idiot a few weeks ago when I claimed to have never seen this blog before. der der der. ;-)


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